Galaxy Examinator-Production

Galaxy Examinator-Production 6.3

Enables test & product engineers to perform device characterization,monitoring
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Galaxy Examinator Production takes the Examinator product and adds a database feature. The engineer can create a local database and manage it by adding data for Galaxy to query. For those with lots of data in a corporate database, Galaxy Production can interface with that too!
Configured for production yield enhancement, root cause analysis. Suitable for analysis of large data sets and multiple lots (trends, dispersions, test/ bin, etc.)
Examinator (the combination of EXAMINe translATOR) is a software solution that enables test and product engineers to perform device characterization, production monitoring, and yield analysis studies from standard semiconductor data files such as STDF, Agilent GDF, e-Test (WAT and PCM), CSV, RosettaNet, etc.

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